16m3/min 40bar Oil-free Air Compressor

【Must-Busy Reasons】

 Perfect mate for PET bottles production, especially in food industry, Reasons:

 1.  Free of contamination of lubrication oil in various air compressors - higher hygiene level, more food safety;

 2.  Less power consumption, averagely 10kw per 1m3/min. compressed air;

 3.  Frequency convertor equipped, more flexiable and power saving;

 4. 40Bar high pressure, adequate for any kind of bottle shape and volume


【Advantages against other oil free air compressors

 1. L-shape, more stable and efficient design, as the first stage compression is taking advantage of natural gravity;

 2. Water cooling by industrial chillers, avoiding heat inflation and consequent frictions;

 3. 95% European quality level, 60% European price; high value, fast return on investment!

Product Display


 PETAIR oil free air compressors range from 8.5m3/min. to 30m3/min.. The model table with key parameters is as below:

【Key Components

 PETAIR oil free air compressors use the best components from the global top notch suppliers so as to assure the quality. 

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