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Maticline Industries is a multinational group company specializing in industrial solutions for liquid packaging and processing. The specific solutions include individual packaging machines, liquid product processing systems (including agro processing for liquid food such as dairy, soya milk, tomato paste, edible oil, mango puree, coconut milk etc.), utilities, turnkey projects, liquid product formula & ingredients, packaging materials, technical services and spare parts. Established in 2007, starting from being a turnkey project delivery firm for bottling lines, Maticline Industries has back integrated to research, develop, and manufacture key equipments on its own, and has enlarged product portfolio in response to the market requests on the basis of our indepth know-how on liquid packaging & processing. The major value creation of Maticline Industries as a group are divided into four sections: (1)machine manufacturing, (2)project delivery services, (3)formula development & ingredients supply and (4) packaging materials production. 

                         Glipse of Maticline Machine Assembly Plants

First of all, Maticline Industries is a manufacturer of filling machine, blow molding machines, labeling machine, packing machine, water treatment, beverage processing, liquid food (dairy, tomato, condiments, edible oil etc.) machine and ingredients in China.  On the basis of 30+ years experience of engineers and technicians in China in the field, Maticline Industries learn widely from the strong points of European and domestic rivalries and adopt 6 sigma for supply chain management and quality control. Through using the best engineers and experienced workers, Maticline Industries produce high quality machines as we believe quality product is the outcome of quality people.

Maching Machines for Components

                     Glipse of Maticline Machining Plants

Next, Maticline Industries invest heavily to provide comprehensive services to the loyal customers. Building up branches and localized workforce in the targeted market and regions, Maticline Industries get close to customers for project delivery. One side, Maticline Industries provide more cost efficient technical services including machine positioning guidance, installation, commissioning, personnel training and trouble-shooting; additionally Maticline Industries can provide RS2K service to strategic clients, details as below:

On the other side, Maticline Industries make great endeavor to understand our customer's customers, namely distributors and consumers, so that we can provide more consultancy and needed professional services and aids to our strategic customers. 

Take our customers for juice as an example, Maticline Industries provide 4P&D services as below:

Thirdly, the subsidiary firm of Maticline Industries, Shanghai Drinklab Food Technology Co Ltd has more than 30 years experience in developing beverage formula and supplying ingredients. The senior management of Drinklab team are all executives from large state-owned enterprises and large private enterpises in China, who have been engaged in technical research, and production management in food industry for a long time.

At last, Maticline Industries manufacture and trade various packaging materials. So far, Maticline Industries has invested in preform and cap manufacturing in Ethiopia, acquired share of an aseptic carton packaging materials manufacturer in China and also been supplying other packaging materials like pump heads, OPP labels, PE shrink films, aluminium can seals and stand-alone pouch films to many clients around the world. 

Maticline aims to become your one stop solution provider in the field of liquid packaging & processing & all around partner for liquid products production. We always believe your success is our success!

Doing successful projects together with you is our mission, and also our passion!


DrinkLab is a division of Maticline Industries limited in China. DrinkLab was founded with start-ups and established beverage companies seeking for an upgrade or expansion in mind, with the sole mission of helping them fast track the process of developing their own beverage line in the most cost effective and professional way.


We have created a process, which has been refined by our many years of experience in the industry to add value to our clients business. Each client is provided with the support, attention, and consulting that they need to efficiently launch a beverage brand that shines in the market.


Whether you have a fabulous idea for a tasty new beverage or you want to upgrade and expand on your existing beverages company, Maticline DrinkLab Technology Team will work closely with you and share our invaluable expertise and experience to ensure the success of your beverage business.

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