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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Maticline ?
The name MATICLINE comes from the phrase "automatic production line" which is the core business focus of the company. The Maticline brand consists of the logo and the name of Maticline Industries Ltd and all its affiliates. The logo copyright is internationally registered and it is the hallmark of the company globally.
What do Maticline Do?
Maticline simplify client's production in the area of liquid packaging & processing. We aim to supply you production solutions, equipments, spare parts, reconditioning services of the best quality at the most competitive price. And the subsidiary of Maticline:Drinklab develops recipe and supply ingredients, helping you produce the best drink products in the market! Additionally we provide you professional consultancy in liquid packaging & processing industries from every angle needed for your success.
Do Maticline have a mission?
Yes, "do successful projects together with our clients" is not only the mission of all Maticmen (Maticline Members), but also our underlying conviction in the power and beauty of helping others succeed. We deeply believe if more people hold such convictions, the world will just become a better and warmer place for all.
Do Maticline have a vision?
Yes, Maticline's vision is, through our relentless improvement & innovation and locally available professional services, to provide our clients the most economic technology & production solutions that will help them produce the best quality liquid products with the lowest possbile production cost. The future of Maticline which we envision is to have a lot of successful clients around the world who recognize our value and contributions in our specialized field: liquid products processing & packaging!
What is the uniqueness of Maticline?
The uniquueness of Maticline from all our rivalries is we are dedicated to working for the success of our customers. We fully integrate our own pursuit of success with the pursuit of the success of our clients.
Why is Maticlines price so competitive?
Maticline put its customers first and do its best to add more benefits to the customers at all time by looking for long term market sustainability instead of fat profit margin. Beside, we would like to make quality machines and professional services more available to many financially tight SMEs globe-wide, which are important for their success.
Where is Maticline located?
Maticline Industries Ltd is a multinational corporation with many operational units including various machine assembly plants, components manufacturing, engineering & design, marketing & services. All these units work together but in different locations. But the main machine assembly plant is located in No. 5 Shuangfeng Ave., Leyu, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province,China office no +86-512-58727796.+86-20-87278813.
What does the robotic man on the website stand for?
The robotic man on our websites and brochures etc. is Maticman. It is a symbol of all members working in Maticline Industries Ltd all over the world.
What are the core attributes of real Maticmen?
Maticmen are PEPHIC:Passionate Earnest Professional Honest Industrious Consistent
When was Maticline founded and by whom?
Maticline has been in existence for almost 2 decades now and it was founded by Mr. Peng Maoxiang together with his partners precisely in year 2007with the aim of carrying out and doing sucessful projects with its clients.
Can I be an agent of Maticline?
Yes, Maticline welcomes business minded people globablly to work with us! But we prefer to work with honest and considerate people who are professional in the liquid processing and packaging industry.
How do Maticline evaluate customers?
Maticline put its customer first, employees second and shareholders the third.

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