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400Kg/D Melt Blown Fabric Line


 Melt blown fabric is the core constituent of a medical facemask,

  the main part which is filtering and safeguarding people against virus. 

 From Polypropylene (melt blown type MFI: 1500), this production line is going to make N99 (US standard by NaCI) or FFP1 (Europe standard by NaCI, DOP) level melt blown fabric.

 The produced melt blown fabric can well protect people from virus infection. 

  1 ton of melt blown fabric can produce about 1.05 million pcs of disposable medical face mask, or 600,000 pcs of N95 face mask, or 400,000 pcs of N95 medical face mask.

 【Key Machine Parameter

  400Kg/Day melt blown fabric  production (24 hours);

  Screw diameter: 65mm

  Fabric width: 600mm

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  Production capacity: 300~400Kg/day (24hours)

  Guaranteed Fabric Standard & Test Condition: N99 (NaCI), 24~28grams, 32m3/min. air flow

  Screw Diameter: 65mm

  Frequency conversion main motor power: 18.5Kw

  Frequency convertor: 18.5Kw

  Heater: 21.6Kw  (5.4*4)

  Silk plate spraying width: 600mm

  Silk plate hole diameter: 0.25~0.3mm

   Fabric formation section width: 800mm

   Air heater: 60Kw

   Roots Blower: 22Kw

   Centrifugal blower: 7.5Kw

   Machine size: L7 *W 4* H 4 meters

   Factory requirement: L9 *W5*H5 meters

  Control Method: ABB frequency convertor

  Temperature control meters: OMRON

  Frequency conversion motor: UNIVERSAL

  Gearmotor: GUOMAO 173

  Breakers: SIEMENS

  Screw: GILLKON

  Electrical Components: SCHNEIDER

 【Key Configurations】

 1.  Roots Blower: 22Kw with ABB frequency convertor

 2. Electrostatic electret machine

 3. Silk spraying plates with temperature controllers

 4. Fabric formation machine

 5. Fabric rolling machine

 6. Melted materials filtering & measuring device

 7. Negative pressure air blower 7.5 Kw



   1. 5HP air cooled water chiller;  

   2. Vertical raw materials mixer; 

   3. hot air pipe; 

   4. 75KG hopper dryer; 

   5. Dry CO2 cleaning machine; 

   6. Vacuum loader; 

   7. Rockwool heat insulation


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