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Liqour Filler for Flat PET Bottles

【Model】 BCGN12-10-5 Monobloc

  12 Rinsing valves, 10 Filling heads, 5 capping heads

  Production speed: 4,500 ~ 5,300BPH 300ml



 1. It works smoothly with flat shaped PET bottles, which are widely prefered for alcoholic drinks;

 2. It avoids drip from the filling nozzles after the completion of filling, through vacuum sucking function, avoiding unnecessary liquid loss;

 3. Independent CIP loop to enable thorough cleaning of the filling tank and nozzles, suitable to fill different flavored drinks.

Product Display

This BCGN12-10-5 is the SMALLEST 3-in-1 filler Maticline manufactures. We have other bigger models like 16-16-5, 24-24-6, 32-32-8, 40-40-10, 50-50-12, 60-60-15, 72-72-18 etc.

Besides, we can make the filler according to your particular request according to your needed production capacity & the charateristics of your bottle, your cap and the liquid product which you want to produce and sell!

Below is detailed specifications of the BCGN12-10-5 filler. You can look through if you want to know more about this machine and our quality. 


    a. Bottle rinsing part:

This machine is a rotary bottle rinsing machine, mainly used for cleaning the bottles of products such as wine, beverage and water.

The new bottle enters into the equipment through the screw rod for bottle separating and the star wheel. The opening is clamped by the clamp and the turnover mechanism and turned downward. It is turned upward automatically after being flushed by sterile water. And the bottle is then conveyed to the next process through the star wheel as the exit of bottles.

The contact part between the main structure of the equipment and the flushing medium and the external protective cover are all made of stainless steel;

Open gear drive;

The water inlet pipe of the bottle flushing machine is equipped with a pressure gauge and a pressure maintaining valve;

It is adjusted up and down manually to adapt to bottles with different heights, equipped with a device limiting top and bottom positions;

A water tray is installed to recycle the bottle rinsing water:

The rinsing volume of each bottle type is 105ml /s (at 0.25MPa);

In case of bottle shortage or shutdown, the flushing will be stopped automatically. And it will be carried out automatically after the bottle enters into the machine again.

b. Filling part:

The filling machine is designed and manufactured all by our company. With the introduction of German technology and the principle of normal pressure filling, it can fill liquid into the bottles sent by bottle flushing machine.

The filling valve is used for filling imported wines and liquors at normal temperature, and adopts the structural form of self-lifting of the bottle.

The height of the filling machine can be adjusted manually to adapt to the packaging containers with different heights. It is equipped with a device limiting top and bottom positions.

The filling machine adopts rotary bearing support, so that the machine can be simple and firm in structure, convenient for maintenance and stable in operation.

The filling adopts filling mode under normal pressure. The unique filling valve structure makes the liquid flow smoothly in separation and avoids foaming.

The centering guide adopts a guide rod with pre-covering function. The lifting structure with mechanism to support the bottle bottom guarantees the accurate sealing of opening and the filling valve, and reduces material leakage from the opening.

The machine has functions of stopping filling without bottles, blocking bottle under shortage of bottles and shutdown when bottle blocking.

The main drive adopts gear drive, namely open group drive, which has high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and sufficient lubrication. The frequency converter is used to control the rotation speed of the main motor of the machine. The machine adopts stepless frequency control.

The bottle guiding system is simple in structure. It can be changed quickly and conveniently according to the bottle type. The whole machine uses a structure supporting the bottle bottom for conveying.

PLC of complete machine is controlled automatically, with on-line display for failure such as bottle blocking.

The key parts and electrical components of this machine are imported.

C. Capping part

The capping part screws the cap sorted by the cap sorting device onto the bottle filled with the product, and conveys the bottle to the subsequent process by the conveying chain.

The cap tightening machine drives the rotary disc through a speed reducer, so that the cap can leave the hopper from the cap outlet under centrifugal force. There are a device separating front caps and back caps at the outlet. When a back cap passes by, it will fall into the return pipeline automatically, and be blown into the hopper by wind power automatically. Only front caps can enter into the slide way smoothly. The cap amount in the hopper is detected by a photoelectric switch automatically. In this way, the cap conveying machine can be controlled to ensure that the cap amount is the best. When the front caps enter into the slide way, they can enter into the cap feeding disc smoothly. In order to prevent accidents, an anti-back-cap dial is equipped on the slide way at the same time to ensure that the caps entering into the cap feeding disc are correct. And a pair of photoelectric switches is also equipped on the slide way. When no cap is detected, the main machine will shut down immediately. In order to reject the broken cap without anti-theft ring and the remaining cap when cleaning the hopper effectively, a movable outlet is set right opposite to the outlet of hopper.

According to the bottle types with different heights, the cap screwing machine can be adjusted up and down manually to meet the requirements, equipped with a device limiting top and bottom positions.

It adopts screw rod for entrance of bottles, bayonet transition, and the filling has CIP (cleaning in place) function.

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