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LS8 pitch changer.jpg
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LS8 Pitch Change Stretch Blow Molder
【Must Buy Reasons

  Do you want to produce highest quality PET bottles at lowest manufacturing cost with the fastest return on investment?

  Yes, you do as this is the core competitive advantage for PET bottles manufacturing! If so, buy Maticline LS8! 

  It will deliver it with durability and stability!


   Model: MLSB-LS8, 8Cavities

   Speed: 18,000BPH 500ml (16~18grams) - 2250BPH per cavity!

   Blowing Pressure: 15 to 40bar - higher blowing pressure, more crystalization, more beautiful bottles!

   Max. Bottle Volume: 2Liter (8cav.) - 12000BPH for 2Liter bottles!

   Preform Pitch over heating: 38mm - minimized heat loss!

Product Display


  Please click https://www.maticline.com/blow_molder/ and see this detailed explanation about Maticline Pitch Changing Blow Molder.

  Keep scrolling down the page! Full technical parameters for all LS models are at the bottom of the above link webpage!


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